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Let the Toolboss Take Charge

Looking for a manager who’s laser-focused on inventory, constantly calculates the best way to save money, and never sleeps? Meet your ideal new hire: the QTS Toolboss.  The Toolboss is no ordinary storage cabinet. It’s a technological powerhouse that maintains strict control of your inventory, yet still allows ready access to the parts you need, when you need them. 

Employees use a simple onscreen interface to quickly retrieve tools or replacement parts from the Toolboss. The Toolboss keeps a record of critical transaction information, such as the identity of the employee, the type and number of parts withdrawn, the job and machine that is receiving those items, and the remaining inventory levels. Save countless hours of data entry and dedicated oversight while eliminating expenses due to waste, product loss, and process inefficiency, thanks to the Toolboss.

Minimize Labor, Maximize Profit

QTS has implemented hundreds of unique inventory management solutions throughout the United States. From specially-designed cabinets to electronic inventory machines, each system is uniquely configured to every aspect of our customers' needs. We can help you trim thousands of dollars from your budget with customized processes and products that make managing your inventory easier, faster, and more secure than ever before.

Why QTS? We’ve Got a Long
List of Pros for You

QTS experts have combined decades of professional experience in the tooling industry to create the ideal inventory management solutions for your metalworking facility.

  • Single Source Supplier
  • Data Management & Reporting
  • Dedicated Support
  • Stock Management & Refills
  • Less Paperwork
  • Custom Part Numbers
  • Tool Reconditioning
  • Custom Tool Design & Engineering

Single Source Supplier

At QTS, the metalworking industry is our sole focus. We’ve worked to establish partnerships with hundreds of manufacturers to keep your shop supplied with any equipment you might need, from hand tools to large robotics.

Dedicated Support

QTS will never leave you unequipped to handle any issues or surprises with your customized inventory management solutions. We provide the dedicated personnel to support our vending systems, as well as a factory-certified person in each location to keep your entire tool management apparatus in good working order.

Stock Management & Refills

QTS creates custom intervals to automatically refill inventory on-site, so you can focus on what you do best. We also keep a wide variety of general stock for emergency situations, and routinely stock the same inventory you use in your tool management machine at our local facility in order to provide a safety net for your business. These measures ensure against stock outs on crucial inserts, so your business runs smoothly and efficiently.

Less Paperwork

Years ago, QTS established a standard to decrease paperwork through a combination of invoice consolidation, purchase order consolidation, and electronic billing. We extend the same tried-and-true practices to our customers because we see the benefits in action every day. Our team can also incorporate other paper-saving strategies to create a customized system for your company.

Custom Part Numbers

If your shop already utilizes a custom internal system to catalog part numbers, QTS can integrate this existing system into any invoicing, inventory, or procurement solutions we provide. This allows for continuity and consistency of reporting within your facility.

Custom Tool Design & Engineering

Help your operations achieve peak efficiency by outfitting your shop with tools that are custom-made for your production requirements and equipment. QTS can design and produce the precision tools you need to minimize waste and maximize production, allowing you to turn out a better product for less expense.

Tool Reconditioning

Over time, your cutting tools can become worn or damaged, leading to loss of productivity. QTS can re-sharpen or repair many solid cutting tools to shorten set-up and cycle times to increase output, at a much lower cost than the price of new tooling.

Don’t Settle for Less Than QTS

QTS is a leading single-source supplier in the metalworking industry. From inventory management solutions, to custom tool design and more, we have what you need to succeed.

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